Fire Watch Services

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Fire Safety Program Experts

Red Star Security provides vital expertise for the development of commercial and industrial fire safety programs. In addition, our teams work with experienced firefighters and provide fire protection support for municipalities and industrial zones.
Red Star Security’s fire-protection professionals offer a wide range of front-line firefighting services, from fire containment to first aid services to rescue operations at high heights and in confined spaces.
Plus, they have been expertly trained on hazardous materials, fire prevention, firefighting and evacuation.

Fire Safety Program Experts

We can offer you comprehensive support for your Fire Safety Program (FSP), including the development of a detailed fire safety plan, equipment maintenance, and evacuation exercises.

Fire-Fighter Outsourcing

By providing firefighting services to municipalities and industrial sites, RED Star offers flexible and cost-effective fire protection programs.

Fire Safety Reports

In case of inspection or audits by an insurance company or regulatory agency, we prepare comprehensive and fully compliant reports.

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Our security guards are supported by the latest technological innovations which improves response times in the event of an emergency
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Enjoy total confidence in our security guards knowing they have the training, as well as the health and safety certifications they need to protect

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