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We offer a variety of services in business loss prevention including

We have the knowledge and experience to know where inventory loss may occur and which loss prevention-related strategies work and don’t work within an environment.
Red Star Security’s experienced professionals work closely with our clients to combat shoplifting and internal theft. We conduct assessments to advise clients on preventative methods such surveillance camera placement to removing hiding spots such as merchandise displays or how to conduct changing room operations. We also provide undercover operations such as secret shoppers.
Our retail guards are trained in theft deterrence, stock checks, in-store promotions, delivery of goods, loss prevention and most importantly maintaining a professional image. Guards are matched with clients to ensure they will fit the environment.
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Benefit From Outsourcing Your Loss Prevention Services To The Professionals

Loss prevention is a form of proactive intervention that consists of taking steps to prevent the risk of incidents that could lead to losses. Outsourcing your loss prevention needs to RED Star not only practically guarantees a return on investment, but greatly facilitates the task of your business managers and HR department.We have distinguished ourselves as a leader in loss prevention not just because of our unparalleled retail experience, but also because of our innovative and comprehensive vision of what a prevention strategy entails.

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