Static Guard Services

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Static Guard Services

Red Star Security, stationary guards will assist in deterring unwanted intruders, vandalism and possible threats to various properties. The benefit of having a stationary guard patrolling the premises is so all entries are verified and documented ensuring consistency and discretion. Any unverified intruder will immediately be escorted off the property.
If the intruder does not want to leave or is under suspicion for any other criminal activity, they will be further questioned. If need be, we will make an arrest and the police will be called for further legal action. We take pride in knowing protection is close. Employees will appreciate the sense of safety that a stationary guard brings.
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Static Guarding

We specialize in providing a broad range of security services.
Static Guarding includes the monitoring of burglar alarms, fire alarms system alarms, BMS systems, and operational alarms, TV surveillance and ID card systems as well as entry and exit access control. Different types of other services can also be included.
In addition to the ordinary static services, if desired, security rounds can also be carried out. During the security rounds, doors, windows, lighting, water closets, taps, boilers, machinery and technical equipment are checked. Reports about near-accidents, damages and what is observed is reported during the rounds. Later, these reports are forwarded to you in the manner you request.
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For us, being a one-stop shop for security guard services means being able to meet and adapt to our clients’ needs allowing you to make better security-related decisions.
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Our security guards are supported by the latest technological innovations which improves response times in the event of an emergency
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Enjoy total confidence in our security guards knowing they have the training, as well as the health and safety certifications they need to protect

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