Boost Safety and Security with Active Guard Petrol Service in Surrey

Apr 18 2024

Boost Safety and Security with Active Guard Petrol Service in Surrey

In an era when security concerns are paramount, businesses, warehouses, institutions, and residential complexes seek innovative solutions to safeguard their premises. Active Guard Patrol Service in Surrey (AGPS) stands out as a dynamic and practical approach to maintaining security.

Do you know what it is? This blog delves into the intricacies of AGPS. Keep reading!

Understanding Active Guard Patrol Service (AGPS)

Active Guard Patrol Service in Surrey combines traditional security guard services with advanced tech to create a proactive security solution. Unlike passive guards, AGPS involves guards patrolling, inspecting, and actively guarding designated areas or persons and taking strict actions to eliminate unsafe aspects. These patrols are strategically scheduled and conducted using various methods, including foot patrols, vehicle patrols, and even bicycle patrols, depending on the size and layout of the premises.

The Benefits of AGPS

  • With guards actively patrolling the premises, any security breaches can be identified and addressed.
  • It often incorporates advanced technology such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and GPS.
  • Guard Patrol Service in Surrey tailors security plans to meet specific needs and challenges.
  • Compared to employing a large team of static guards, AGPS can be more cost-effective.
  • AGPS services can be customized to accommodate varying schedules and events.
  • The visible presence of active patrols acts as a deterrent to potential threats.

How AGPS Works

Guard Patrol Service in Surrey begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s security needs and the layout of the premises. Based on this assessment, a customized security plan is developed, outlining patrol routes, schedules, and specific focus areas. Once the plan is in place, licensed, trained guards are deployed to conduct patrols according to the prescribed schedule.

These guards are equipped with communication devices to maintain constant contact with a central monitoring station, enabling swift response to security incidents or emergencies. Armed guards are authorized to carry mid-range firearms during patrol duties, but they may not have the legal authorization to carry a gun while off duty.

AGPS often integrates technology-driven solutions such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, access control systems, BATs, and alarm systems. These technologies enhance patrol effectiveness by providing additional layers of security and enabling remote monitoring and management.

Applications of AGPS

Guard Patrol Service in Surrey is widely utilized across various industries and sectors, including –

  • Shopping malls, complexes, and retail establishments benefit from AGPS to deter theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.
  • Gated communities, apartment complexes, and housing developments employ AGPS to ensure the safety and security of residents and their property.
  • Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers rely on AGPS to protect valuable assets, prevent trespassing, and maintain operational continuity.
  • AGPS is often deployed at concerts, festivals, and sporting events to manage crowds, prevent disturbances, and ensure the safety of attendees.

Professional Guard Patrol Service

Active Guard Patrol Service represents a proactive and comprehensive approach to security, combining the human element of trained security guards with advanced technology to create a robust security solution.

By enhancing security presence, enabling rapid response, and offering customized plans tailored to specific needs, AGPS provides peace of mind for businesses, institutions, and residential communities. The patrol security service is an active and offensive guard instead of a passive guard.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable solution with years of excellence and professionalism, call Red Star Security, the best Guard Patrol Service in Surrey.

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